Dealer Registration

Interested in becoming a California Trimmer dealer? Simply complete and submit the registration form below and a California Trimmer representative will contact you to begin the process. If you prefer, you may also download this form as a PDF by clicking here and fax, mail or email it to us.

General Requirements

All authorized California Trimmer dealers must agree to fulfill the following general requirements:

  • Place a qualifying stocking order for California Trimmer products and parts
  • Properly set-up all California Trimmer products and instruct purchasers of safe operation
  • Provide service and warranty repair for ALL California Trimmer products
  • Effectively merchandise and display California Trimmer products
  • Represent the quality image of California Trimmer in all sales and service work
  • Conform to Evergreen Turf Equipment's service / warranty policies and procedures
  • Submit warranty claims directly to the applicable Distributor
  • Submit product registration cards directly to Evergreen Turf Equipment

Dealer Information

Overall Business Breakdown:
Rank OPE Brands (In Terms Of Sales)

Dealer Approval

As an authorized representative of the dealer, I agree to fulfill the general requirements stated above. In addition, all the warranty claim procedures have been explained.

Distributor Approval

As an authorized representative of the distributor, I have verified that all the information stated on this form is accurate and true.
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