Reel mowers. Real results.


Reel Advantages

Reel mowers will provide healthy grass that has the look of a finely manicured golf course, and they are especially ideal for hybrid Bermuda, tiffs, bent, and zoysia grasses. They have superior dual edge cutting action because they shear the grass with a clean, sharp cut like scissors instead of bludgeoning and tearing off the ends of the grass blades like the machete cut of a
rotary mower. When grass is sheared in a clean, smooth manner, nutrients are locked in promoting healthy growth and resistance to disease.

Reel Advantages

Grass experts recommend cutting less than 1/3 of the total length at one time, and the complete clean cutting action of the reel blade and bedknife releases less moisture and results in clippings that are like confetti and less prone to clumping and clogging like grass cut by a rotary mower. With frequent mowing, it’s usually possible to cut without the catcher because the clippings disappear into the lawn and serve as an effective mulch. A lawn that has been cut by a reel mower looks beautiful and green instead of a brownish-yellow tint from the torn leaf ends that comes from the inefficient cutting method of a rotary mower which means less maintenance and more compliments.

The California Trimmer Difference

green lawn before being mowed

Other Mowers

beautiful mowed lines at a residential house

California Trimmer

man mowing straight lines on a baseball field
diamond angled mowing lines cut into a residential yard
Great mower , couldn't be more happy , lifetime product, professional...

Doug R. - California

This product is perfect easy to use and great features, CUT TO PERFECTION!!!

Orell C. - Texas

I own two Mclane reel mowers and two California trimmer reel mowers. The California trimmers are of far better quality and performance. Plus the Trimmers are far easier to lap and adjust the blades when sharpening.

James T. - California

Bought this to take my Bermuda to the next level. Very easy to use and produces a beautiful cut. Couldn't be happier

Christopher S. - Texas

Excellent Equipment. Looks Like It Is Built To Last.

Robert G. - Texas

Best mower I have ever used including the best John Deere. The Honda motor is smooth running and easy to start. Extension kit instructions were easy to follow , and components are very well designed and constructed. A little maintenance and the California Trimmer will last a lifetime

Robert D. - Oregon

a man mowing straight lines on a baseball field

Go Pro

For the Professionals

Our 25” Commercial models are the choice of landscape maintenance companies and grounds crews that need the performance, precision and reliability for daily maintenance of immaculate natural grass turf of major corporate parks, neighborhoods, and sports fields.

Built to Last

Durability starts with the frame. Every California Trimmer reel mower is constructed of a solid welded steel frame, ensuring superior strength and virtual indestructibility. We incorporate the same material specs into today’s rugged reel mowers as those that were first introduced in 1935, and each one is assembled and prepared with a commitment to producing the best power reel mower money can buy. These machines have been helping create and maintain beautiful lawn for decades and we’re proud to continue the tradition with a product that is proven and built to last.

Deep Tread Drive Roller

The extra-wide 9" and grip-textured surface area provides solid traction to effectively propel the mower while protecting the grass.

Heavy-Duty Drive Systems

All shafts are supported by full-sized ball bearings and are driven by large chains and heat-treated sprockets.

Longer Lasting Cut

Our reel and cutter bar are both handcrafted of heat-treated high carbon steel, allowing for sharp- er blades and a longer lasting cut.

Ready to Mow

All the reel mowers are packaged in a heavy-duty reinforced carton, then strapped and wrapped on a wooden pallet for protection during shipment and delivery. They are 95% preassembled and include detailed preparation instructions so they can be ready to mow in just a short time.