The RL25 Commercial is designed to meet the demands of lawn care maintenance services. As with every California Trimmer made throughout the decades, it is made with precision design and quality craftsmanship, resulting in ultimate mowing performance. And for an even greater degree of cutting precision, the Commercial models are available with either a 5, 7 or 10-blade reel, as well as a smooth or grooved front roller for a variety grass types and mowing preferences.

Like all California Trimmer reel mowers, these units will help provide a healthy lawn that has the look of a finely manicured golf course. The cutting action functions like a pair of scissors – where the blades of grass are sheared between the rotating reel and a stationery cutter bar that sits along the bottom front edge of the frame – unlike a standard rotary mower which tears and rips the grass, removing nutrients and causing browns spots, rough growth, and thatch. The clean, sheared cut from a reel mower allows your lawn to better retain moisture and nutrients, resulting in healthy growth and less maintenance.

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The heavy-duty chain drive system provides strong cutting power and a steady propel speed for a brisk walking pace to help get the mowing done faster. The heavy-duty components and durable construction hold up to the frequent use by top lawn care and maintenance services and are commonly used for parks, business properties and baseball infields.

man mowing straight lines on a baseball field using a bucket attachment on the mower
gx160 engine


The Commercial reel mowers are powered by the quiet, powerful, and durable Honda GX160 4-stroke engine. It offers superior fuel economy, lower noise levels, lower vibration, and lower emissions than other engines in its class without sacrificing power output or performance. The precision camshaft design offers precise valve timing and optimal valve overlap, plus the engine boasts an OHV design and high compression ratio, all of which result in better fuel efficiency.

All California Trimmer reel mowers have been designed for ease of operation, durability, and high performance:

  • Materials are delivered forward into the catcher instead of backward toward the operator.
  • The large HDPE (high-density polyethylene) grass catcher comes standard and saves many stops and starts.
  • The high-speed reel produces a lawn smooth as carpet and free of reel marks.
  • Fingertip controls allow ease and safety of operation.
    The machine weight is a benefit for stable tracking.
  • All shafts are supported by full-sized ball bearings and drive large chains and heat-treated sprockets.
  • Heavy duty roller drive for positive traction and mobility.

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Overall Width


Dry Weight Range (Depending on options)

169 lbs. to 171 lbs.


Honda GX160

Number of Blades

5 (RL255) or 7 (RL257) or 10 (RL2510)

Rear Wheels

4 x Steel Bearing Supported

Solid Welded Frame


Ball Bearing Roller


Catcher Material

HDPE (high density polyethylene)

Height Adjuster

Single Handle / 8 Position

Cutting Height

7/16" to 1-1/2"

Drive System

Friction Clutch, 3 Chains, 11/16" Steel Drive Shaft

Walk Speed

3.5 mph (5.6 km/h)

Limited Warranty


  • 2-Years Residential Use
  • 1-Year Commercial Use

Honda GX160

  • 3-Years All Applications

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