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The Crossover is a fusion of the Classic’s 20” frame and its proven cutting performance and durability with a powerful 56V / 5AH battery-electric power motor and features including…

  • Dual battery compartment
  • Semi-enclosed catcher
  • Split-grooved or smooth front roller
  • Variable speed control
  • Extendable length handle
  • Dual engagement levers
  • Ergonomic and extendable length handle


Drive Engagement Lever

LH or RH

Operator Handle Height Range

38" to 43"

Motor Type / Size

Brushless / 1200W

Motor / Roller RPM

0-200 RPM

Speed Control

Adjustable at Operator Controls

Propel Pace Range

Up to 3.2 MPH

Battery Meter

LED on Battery / at Operator Controls

Battery Power

56V / 5 AH

Battery Weight

3.6 lbs.

Run Time (per Battery)

35-45 Minutes

Battery Recharge Time

90 Minutes

Drive Chains

Dual - Rear Roller / Reel Blade

Unit Weight (no Batteries)

150 lbs.

Reel Blade Edges

5 or 7 with Relief Grind

Rear Drive Roller

9" Wide Deep Tread

Rear Wheels

Ball Bearing Supported Steel Rim

Standard Front Roller

Smooth or Split Grooved

Mowing Height Range

Standard: 7/16" to 1-3/4"

High-Cut: 5/8" to 2-1/4"

Grass Catcher

HDPE / 60 Liter Capacity