Superior Strength & Durability

Durability starts with the frame. Every California Trimmer mower is constructed of a solid welded steel frame, ensuring superior strength and virtual indestructibility. We incorporate the same materials and design into today’s rugged reel mower units as those that were first introduced in 1935 and parts have been interchangeable since 1941, so you can rest assured that your California Trimmer will never become obsolete.

Every California Trimmer mower is hand constructed by skilled craftsman with a commitment to producing the best power mower money can buy, and using only the finest materials available. We’ve spent decades perfecting our machines and are proud to offer you a product that is well built and built to last. Every mower is completely checked at the factory and comes with a solid no-nonsense warranty. No wonder our mowers are often passed down from generation to generation – your California Trimmer mower today may well become your children’s California Trimmer mower in years to come.

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