Ease of Use

The California Trimmer mower is designed so you work the machine, rather than the machine working you. The perfect balance of weight, forward propulsion and cutting reel speeds gives you a smooth cut every time that will make your lawn the envy of your neighborhood.

You’ll find precision design and quality craftsmanship in every California Trimmer we make. We’ve designed the machine for ease of operation, durability, serviceability and high performance. Lawn cuttings are delivered forward into the catcher instead of backward toward the operator. The large poly (High Density Polyethylene) grass catcher saves many stops and starts. The high speed reel produces a neat lawn, smooth as a carpet and free of reel marks. Fingertip controls provide ease and safety of operation. The perfect balance of the machine allows easy maneuverability. The heavy duty roller drive provides positive traction and mobility. All these features combine to make California Trimmer the best mower that money can buy, and built to last

Deep Tread Roller Drive

This original feature of  California Trimmer reel mowers was designed to make the operation as smooth and easy as possible. The Drive Roller propels the mower forward using a deep-tread, no-slip covering that protects the grass and provides tremendous traction. Need to operate the cutting reel without forward movement? Simply raise the roller off the ground and take advantage of the mower’s unique “freewheeling” feature – perfect for cutting under shrubs and in tight spaces.

Precise Height Adjustment

Every California Trimmer mower comes with two height adjustment features that allow you to precisely lock-in your desired cutting height. Located at the base of the mower, the height adjuster allows you to select between eight positions giving you a cutting range of 7/16″ to 1-1/2″ on the Commercial models and 7/16″ to 2-1/4″ on the Classic models. The caster bar bracket at the front of the mower is also easily adjustable to help you cut in the lowest (or highest) positions. Try achieving that kind of cutting precision with most rotary mowers.

Longer-Lasting Cut

Our reel and cutter bar are both handcrafted of Heat Treated High Carbon Steel, allowing for sharper blades and a longer lasting cut. Precision ground at the factory, California Trimmer reels are offered in 5 or 7 blade reels configurations (10-blade reels are available on the 25″ model only), enabling you to choose the reel and cutter bar combinations that are best suited for your type of grass.

Close Trim Around Obstacles

Only California Trimmer offers the close trim feature. On our Classic Models, the length and position of our reel and cutter bar allow you to get within ¼” of sidewalks and ½” of walls, trees and other obstacles. Other mowers require additional hand work following their use, but not the time-saving California Trimmer!

Maneuverability and Perfect Balance

California Trimmer reel mowers are perfectly balanced for ease of operation and maneuverability. Perfect balance is achieved by precision weight distribution, which takes into account the position of the engine in relation to the wheel base, roller and tire placement. Rolling is virtually effortless, thanks to the rubber tires mounted on alloy wheels equipped with grease-lubricated ball bearings. These rigid front wheels allow for the smoothest, straightforward cut available.

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